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Please remember to send parent or doctor notes to excuse absence regardless if you are a face to face learner or remote learner

               Welcome To Our

                2021-2022 School Year

                    Attendance / Community Liaison Office


Please email notes or hand deliver to the person listed below at your child's campus.


WECC: Kim Keller, kkellar@palestineschools.org

NS: Cindy Coleman, ccoman@palestineschools.org

SS: Kelly Lawson, klawson@palestineschools.org

AMS: Amanda Weatherford, aweatherford@palestineschools.org

PJH: Laura Cruz, lcruz@palestineschools.org

PHS: Shelly Tinsley, stinsley@palestineschools.org


Our office is located at 233 Ben Milam Dr., behind the Palestine Jr. High School in the DAEP building. This office provides services that link families and schools through out the year by tracking student attendance and connects families with community resources within Anderson County. Community resources include, but are not limited to general health, glasses, parenting skills, school supplies, food, clothing, and housing. Please be mindful attendance is taken daily regardless if you are face to face at school or are a remote learner from home.



Nuestra oficina esta ubicada en 233 Ben Milam Dr. detras de Palestine Junior High en el edificio DAEP. Esta oficina ofrece servicios que ayudan a mantener a las familias y las escuelas conectadas durante el ano mediante el seguimiento de la asistencia de los estudiantes. Ademas, ayudamos a las familias con los recursos de la communidad dentro del Condado de Anderson. Los recursos comunitarios incluyen, entre otros, salud general , anteojos, clases para padres, utiles escolares, comida, ropa y vivienda.



                    Robin Chapman                                                                              Nora Ferretiz

      Attendance/Community Liaison                                              Attendance/Community Liaison Assistant     

                  (903)-727-2638                                                                            (903) 731-8005 x2011

  rchapman@palestineschools.org                                                      nferretiz@palestineschools.org   

                                                                                                                           Se Habla Espanol



Lolita Shead

Lolita Shead 

Attendance/Credit Recovery

903-731-8008 ext.2187



This office provides services to students and parents regarding Minimum Attendance for Class Credit or Final Grade (90% rule) Attendance is monitored throughout the school year and Students and Parents are notified when attendance does not comply with State and District Policy


My Office is located within the Palestine High School Campus located at 1600 S Loop 256 

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