Conflict of Interest

Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code describes who must file conflict of interest questionnaires (CIQ), when the forms must be filed, and the posting requirements.  Reporting requirements were revised during the 2007 Texas Legislative Session, and new forms were released by the Texas Ethics Commission.

CIQ Reporting
A vendor to the District must file a CIQ form if the vendor has a business relationship with the District, AND: 
    1. has an employment or other business relationship with an officer (school board member) or the superintendent of the District, or a family member of the officer or superintendent; or
    2. has given an officer or the superintendent, or a family member of either, one or more gifts with the aggregate value of more than $250 in the 12-month period preceding the date the officer or superintendent becomes aware that such a contract has been executed or the District is considering entering into a contract with the vendor, and the gift was not (1) given by a family member of the person accepting the gift, (2) a political contribution, or (3) food, lodging, transportation, or entertainment accepted as a guest.

The completed form must be filed by a vendor with the Director of Business Services not later than the seventh business day after the date that the vendor: 
    1. begins discussions or negotiations to enter into a contract with the District;
    2. submits to the District an application, response to a request for proposals or bids, correspondence, or “another writing” related to a potential contract with the District; or
    3. becomes aware:
        1. of an employment or other business relationship with a board member, the superintendent, or a family member of either that requires disclosure; or
        2. that the vendor has given one or more gifts that require disclosure.

Only a knowing failure to comply with the CIQ reporting requirements will subject an individual to discipline.  Therefore, a person does not commit an offense if he or she files the required questionnaire within seven business days after receiving notice of an alleged violation.  Board policies and Texas Government Code Section 176.009 require school districts to post online all CIQ forms that are required to be filed.
For more information, please visit the Texas Ethics Commission’s website.

 Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Form (Blank PDF Form)

 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement Form (Blank PDF Form)

Conflict of Interest Questionaires on File 

John Berry
Rodney B. Bunker
Creative Education Institute, Inc.
Eddie Davis
Energy Education 
Food Service Holdings, DBA Dairy Queen
Timothy L. Flynn 
Ervin Garnett 
Rodney May
Chester McCrary 
Phil Power
Region X111 Education Service Center 
SECCA, Inc. 
Stovall, Grandey & Allen 
SynreVoice Technologies, Inc. 
Terrific Teachers' Treasures, Inc., Nacogdoches, Texas
Texas Association of School Administrators 
Texas Association of School Administrators (2007) 
Texas Association of School Boards, Inc. (TASB) 
Texas Association of School Business Officials 
Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA) 
Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education
Universal Time Equipment Company 
Walsh, Anderson, Brown, Schulze & Aldridge, P.C. 
Paul Wilson

Local Government Officers Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements:
Officer Title Conflicts Disclosure Statements
Person or Vendor Disclosed
Jason Marshall  Superintendent None Reported
Michael Bennett  Board Member None Reported
Kurt Herrington Board Member None Reported
Janie Sepulveda Board Member None Reported
Stan Sokolowski  Board Member None Reported
Brandon Sheeley  Board Member None Reported
Jeffrey Schwab Board Member None Reported
Dyna Tutt Board Member None Reported