Palestine ISD Police Department

Bruce Bradley

Bruce Bradley

Palestine ISD, Chief of Police


In Palestine ISD, safety and security are a top priority. PISD will utilize research, training, and collaboration to continuously improve safety and security within the district as well as promote emergency preparedness among our students, staff, and parents.

Safety Information

Emergency Operations Plan - Through collaboration among stakeholders, PISD has developed an Emergency Operations Plan that includes plans for the four areas of prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery.  

Safety Audit - PISD conducts both internal and external safety audits in order to ensure that our facilities and safety plans are conducive to creating a safe learning environment.

Training -  Staff members are trained to handle a multitude of emergency situations.  Also, drills are conducted monthly with students to ensure preparedness during emergency situations.

Local Partnerships - PISD works closely with local emergency personnel to plan, collaborate, and create programs and initiatives that improve the overall health and safety of our community and schools.

Communication - During crisis situations, information will be shared with stakeholders through call outs, social media, the district webpage, and local media outlets.  Information will be released as the situation permits to ensure the safety of students and staff members.  Please make sure to keep phone numbers updated at your child's school.

School Police Officers - Palestine ISD Police Department, has armed, uniformed officers that serve our district to build positive relationships with students to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.


Stop Bullying

PISD continues to take steps to eliminate bullying from our schools.  Staff members have been trained to identify students that are in need of help.  Also, a new counselor position has been added that is designed specifically to focus on students that are being bullied, have social issues, or mental health needs.

With your help, we can eliminate bullying from our schools.  PISD students and parents will have access to the Stop!t app, which can be used on mobile devices for anonymous reporting of bullying incidents and other behaviors that are detrimental to a healthy, safe learning environment.

To report an incident, please click on the link below.  You will need to enter the access code for your child's school.

Stop!t Reporting

For more information, please click on the links below.

Stop!t Bullying Video

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